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Red Ensign


Anonymous ownership

Prestigious harbour

Asset protection

Don't pay for cruising permits

Naval backup in case of danger

1. Asset protection

BVI assets are protected from the reach of foreign threats.

2. Anonymous ownership

While being on the OECD white list, yacht ownership in the BVI can be anonymous.

3. Red Ensign

Get Diplomatic Support; granted entrance to all ports in the world.

4. Naval Backup

UK Navy vessels would provide  protection in case of danger, for example pirates Рhighest security.

5. Prestigious Harbour

Your boat was expensive. BVI flag is considered to be one of the most prestigious harbors; the right match for your yacht.

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BVI and Yachts

The British Virgin Islands are the mecca of yachting. Proudly possessing a modern yacht registry system, yacht registration in the BVI is quick, secure and widely accepted. Registration, discharge of mortgages, change/transfer of ownership can be conducted quickly and efficiently.

What yachts can be registered in the BVI?

BVI offers category 1 registrations, allowing registration for all yachts and megayachts below 3000 tons or unlimited tonnage for cargo vessels. Notably, the BVI Shipping Registry is not connected to the UK Register.

Advantages of registering your yacht in the British Virgin Islands.

Firstly, there is no sales tax, no VAT, no corporate tax.

If you decide to purchase a yacht in the BVI, it will be a tax free experience, making it easy to resell yachts. Apart from sailing under one of the most prestigious flags, your yacht will be entitled to British Diplomatic and Consular support from bodies like Royal Navy Protection. Acquiring the red ensign, you have granted entrance to all ports in the world. While a US Registration might cause unnecessary attention in some waters, the Red Ensign could ensure a much safer journey. In the case you want to own your boat anonymously, the BVI yacht registration procedures make it possible.

Additionally, you will not have to undergo official procedures or pay for cruising permits when sailing the BVI. BVI yacht registration offers an ideal structure for owning a yacht.

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2. Send documents and form a BVI IBC

3. Have your yacht registered by your agent

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How to register a yacht in the BVI

Your yacht can be located anywhere in the world. There is no need for you or your yacht to ever visit the British Virgin Islands.

To begin with, you will need a proof of ownership, certificate of survey and confirmation of marking. The suggested approach is selecting your representative in the British Virgin Islands. Generally, most clients choose the scenario of incorporating with a BVI international business company. You might require nominee directors that will formally represent you owning the yacht.

Note that if a BVI IBC owns your yacht, you will not be able to charter your yacht with BVI residents.

Your representative will be appointed a director or will hold the power of attorney. The beneficial owner will therefore be able to take possession of the yacht in the respective country on behalf of the company. At the same time, the representative will prepare necessary documents and register the yacht with the Registrar of Shipping. After successful completion of the yacht registration process, the chosen representative will remain a director or a power holder to officially represent the company.

How long does it take to register a yacht in the BVI?

Although the transfer itself can be done within 24 hours, it is necessary prepare the required documents. In any case, if you have the proof of ownership, certificate of survey and confirmation of marking, the time span is within 1 month.

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